Generous is indeed the very term that might probably demote what Morgan Chu and his beloved wife, Helen Chu, have really been doing to this great nation. Even with all of his personal achievements alone, Mr. Chu has been more than just prominent example of what one person could really contribute toward one whole nation. In addition to that, this same dedicated person, the very person who has been receiving many leading awards a nation could ever give, continues to set the best examples and standards of how one person could really make all the differences need to achieve better living conditions for the sake of society as a whole.

 Some hints from the Asian American Personalities Morgan Chu interview do show that Mr. Chu is really eager enough to part with his own fortunes (and a couple of millions and more are indeed some really big fortunes to say the least!) so that many more members of the society could have that better hope for that better living conditions. Needless to say, this could have been the very reason why many awarding committees never find any trouble to appoint Mr. Chu (or would those committees really find no trouble to believe in, actually?) as the laureate. Doubtless also, some members of those committees would simply find themselves taking more breathes in greater reliefs as they have finally found that someone who really is the best man for the best honor.

 But what really is the best capacity everyone could really learn from Mr. Chu is that he never stops at just being the best. Indeed, it will be quite easy to find people who are at best for themselves. They might have achieved something very great and or they might have done something equally best also. However, most of these great people are also mostly do their best things which could only affect themselves. And it is at this very point that everyone will find Mr. Chu has been greatly different. This nation has been lucky enough for having more of those best people who could do, at the least, best for themselves. But this nation is certainly blessed for having even one best person who could really do many best things for the best and greatest good of all the people. And though this nation may not be sure that there is another person, this nation is always sure that there really is that one person – Morgan Chu.

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Bali And Lombok lie in one of the geologically most active regions on earth, part of the Pacific Rim’s great “ring of fire”. They are two in a chain of volcanic islands which stretches some 3,500 km (2,200 miles) from Sumatra to Flores, and which marks the point where the Australian tectonic plate is being forced beneath the Eurasian plate at a rate of 6 cm (2 inches) each year. The volcanoes of Bali and Lombok have influenced the way human societies on the islands have developed, and still play a very important role in the culture of the islands’ inhabitants.

The peak of Gunung Batur, seen here from the air, and nearby Lake Batur are set in a spectacular caldera, created about a million years ago, when the top of the mountain was explosively blown off by the pressure of accumulated magma.

Deep gorges and steep ridges run north and south from the higher peaks, making east-west travel difficult.

This is why traditional Balinese society developed along river valleys and on the coastal plains.

Lake Tamblingan lies in an ancient caldera. Volcanoes, such as Gunung Lesong, have grown within the caldera since its formation, hiding all traces of the southern rim.


Volcanic activity, including the deposition of magma, can cause changes in the landscape. These drawings show the rapid changes in the peaks of Gunung Batur during the major eruption of 1926. Today the volcano is still active and it enjoys small, regular eruptions.

The last one in 2000 created a small cone, which is visible from Kintamani. Other major eruptions in recent years include that of Gunung Rinjani in 1994 and that of Gunung Agung in 1963. The latter caused widespread devastation and hardship.


The line of volcanic peaks running along Bali and Lombok is the islands’ most conspicuous physical feature.

One mountain or another is visible from almost any location. The combination of volcanic soil and rainfall has created a richly fertile environment for agriculture.

Gunung Rinjani, at 3,726 m (12,224 ft), is Indonesia’s second-highest mountain. Within its caldera is the small but still active volcano Gunung Baru, and a beautiful crater lake, Danau Segara Anak.

The south coast of Nusa Penida was formed from ancient coral reefs raised above the surface of the sea, as a result of volcanic activity.

Fertile rice fields are irrigated by the streams flowing down Gunung Rinjani. The soil is rich in tephrites and silica.

The world has become so surrounded with people that you sometimes do not have time for yourself enough to hear yourself think

Day in and day out interacting and working with people can be really stressful. In a time like this, it is best to take a moment and do away with everything and leave them behind. If staying at home doesn’t quite cut it for you, then going to a place with new sights and experience can be the perfect thing, and an Indonesia Bali travel experience might just be the thing that your soul is looking for.

The Temples Of Bali

Bali is one of the islands in the country of Indonesia. And because over 90% of the Hindu population reside here, many beautiful temples, shrines, and other wonderful structures are erected for everyone to see, giving the island another name as “the island with ten thousand temples.”

Going inside these temples and taking a look at these shrines will not just project a sense of wonder to anyone, but will also give a feeling of spirituality and calm, things that are sometimes just needed desperately by the soul and the mind. Embarking on an Indonesia Bali travel opportunity will provide you these experiences, and maybe even more.

The Island Of Bali

The island of Bali, along with the whole of Indonesia sits just below the equator, making it one of the islands that has a consistent weather with its constant sunshine and a occasional rain to cool everyone off. The weather is especially perfect for Bali because the island and the people have so much festivals within the year that almost every day is a perfect enough reason to celebrate something and be a little thankful for what you have.

A Spiritual Experience

Not only will an Indonesia Bali travel experience give you a spiritual experience and some breathtaking sights to see, it will also give you a chance to explore and help out at some causes, like the Bali Children’s Project, where you can help some less fortunate children and lift them out of their poverty and distress by supporting them through school-building, tutoring, or even with a small amount of money. Another group you can support is the Carbon Fund, where you can contribute whatever you have – be it time or money – to contribute to projects that involve renewable energy, reforestation, and energy efficiency.

What To Do In Bali

Aside from these spiritual and charitable events that can feed your soul, an Indonesia Bali travel experience will also give some gifts to your senses and will leave you with a feeling of appreciation for its beauty. In Bali, you will be able to see endless and bottomless seas that are clear, rolling hills, and peaks of volcanic mountains.

You can even explore the most popular forms of Balinese arts such as:

  • sculpture
  • painting
  • woodcarving
  • dancing

Even staying at the beach long enough to see a fabulous sunset will leave you breathless with wonder

If you think that the things said above are definitely for you and would want to visit Bali, one of the most important thing you have to remember to make your Indonesia Bali travel an experience so memorable is to take care of your insurance, just so you’ll be covered while you’re out to have some spiritual and aesthetic experiences.